Origin: Australia, Hokkaido, US & China

One of the most popular seafood products in the world due to the versatility of it. Sweet, white and all meat, scallops are wholly considered a delicacy that is enjoyed from coast to coast. From breaded to fried or even sauteed in Asian sauces, scallops are in increasing demand around the world. Scallops can be cooked in a variety of ways. Their firm meats and sweet taste allow for a wide variety of recipes — just make sure you don’t overcook them

Fresh scallop meats should be stored buried in ice and will keep up to two weeks after harvest. Block-frozen meats have a shelf life of approximately nine months; IQF product will keep about six months. Live scallops will last around five days.

Available in full range of sizes –both block and IQF, processed and unprocessed which are cater to our customer specs