Chilean Seabass

Chilean Seabass
Patagonian Toothfish
(Dissostichus Eleginoides)

Origin: Chile, Argentina, France, New Zealand

The Patagonian toothfish, Dissostichus eleginoides, is a species of cod ice fish found in cold waters (1–4 °C or 34–39 °F) between depths of 45 m (148 ft) and 3,850 m (12,631 ft) in the southern Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans and Southern Ocean and around most sub-Antartic islands.

The name “Chilean Sea Bass” points towards the fact that the fish was commercially harvested in the waters of Chilean waters. Sea Bass now are however, caught off the coasts of Argentina, Australia, France as well as some of the territorial islands international waters in the southern latitudes.

Selling Point
An oil-rich fish that doesn’t taste oily & contains long-chain omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin 12.
Chilean Sea bass flesh is rich for its  large, thick flake and melt-in-your-mouth texture and full of flavor
An excellent substitute for sablefish.

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