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About Us

Lam Kee Fisheries is a family based business. It has worked in the fisheries industry for over 25 years. We are now firmly established as one of the Singapore leading importers and distributors of seafood products. We are HACCP certified, and also listed as SME 500 company in Singapore.

Our History

In the early 1950s, Chew Lam Kee and his wife started fishing for a living where he sold his fish to nearby wet markets. While making a living at that time was arduous, Lam Kee continued fishing to support his family’s livelihood.
Due to financial hardships, Koon and his brothers started work at a young age helping his father to fish and sell the catch. Growing up near Yishun, it meant that 10 year-old Koon had to travel to sea in his little sampan (boat) in the middle of the night to catch prawns and fish to supplement his family income. Lam Kee continued to explore other seafood businesses including fish farming and crab farming.
As Koon vividly remembered, his father always had this saying in Teochew: “Life is like fishing: Refine your skills, explore unchartered waters, and lay out your net. Possibly, you will find opportunities that others won’t.”

With a leap of faith, he further transformed the business into the frozen seafood distribution business that we see today. From its humble beginnings in 1974, Lam Kee is now one of South East Asia’s leading distributor of premium frozen seafood products. With its long history in the seafood industry, the company has established an extensive network in over several countries, including South East Asia, USA and Mainland China. Although the company has grown in size, Koon and his brothers continue to run the company, ensuring that Lam Kee is dedicated to delivering the best seafood products to satisfy customers. As such the company’s slogan:

“The Ocean Provides, We Deliver it.”

Message from the CEO

My dear stakeholders,

As we celebrate Lam Kee Fisheries 43 years of incorporation, I would like to extend my appreciation to all staff and colleagues for contributing to Lam Kee’s good performance for the year 2017.

Our efforts to increase our reach to the various overseas markets have paid off with increased demand coming from our export segment. We are also proud to announce that we have increased the number of overseas partners across the region. Our continuous strive for innovation has also led to the automation of various operational processes, leading to increased productive capacity and value-added services we can offer our clients.

As Lam Kee expand overseas, we are still deeply rooted in providing quality products and service to our local customers whom have supported us over the last 43 years. The local demand for our products has continued to grow consistently as greater awareness of the quality and value of the products are made known to consumers. We would like to thank our customers for their continuous support and trust to our brand and quality of products.

To my staff and colleagues at Lam Kee Fisheries, thank you for your hard work and dedication. To our customers, thank you for the continuous and unwavering support of Lam Kee Fisheries.

We look forward to bringing you the best quality and service that the company has to offer.

As always, “The Ocean Provides, We Deliver It.”

Chew Kim Koon

-Managing Director

Lam Kee Fisheries Pte Ltd

Company's Philosophy

1) The Older, The Wiser

With our 30years of experience as a leading importer, exporter and distributor of seafood products. Our experience in the industry and vast distribution network built over decades of business operations allow us to procure products of the highest quaity for our customers.

2) Simply Premium

Lam Kee Fisheries’s products are sourced internationally across the globe offering a curated range of premium seafood products such as Chilean Sea Bass, Black Cod, Russian King Crabs and Hokkaido Scallops; just to name a few. We strive to serve with the best sourcing practices and highly sustainable quality products for our customers.

3) Cutting Edge

Constantly challenging ourselves to be at the forefront of the seafood industry, Lam Kee Fisheries with its strong belief, continually invests in its people, business processes and infrastructure. Emphasis on human capital development and infrastructure facilities ensure that we have what it takes to meet our customers’ needs.